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Aimed to improve the command over the language.

Advance  English is the Spoken English Course for learners who can understand English quite well but find it difficult to speak. With such learners we focus on building confidence, improving pronunciation and sentence structures, developing fluency and accuracy. Most of these learners have done their schooling with Hindi as a medium of learning but later in Graduation and/or Post Graduation, English became their language of study.  Many such learners also have their peculiar regional accent.

The key focus areas of Basic English course are:
  • Improving sentence structures.
  • Developing fluency and accuracy.
  • Constantly upgrading the vocabulary.
  • Use of idioms and phrases while speaking in English
  • Neutralizing any regional accent
  • How to Use Apposite Body Language(Games/Dumb Charade/Activities)
  • Games and Activities
  • Group Discussions and Debate
  • Presentations(Steps,Interaction with the Audience,Feedback)
  • Personal Interview (PI)

Frequently asked questions

We believe that, to bring fluency in English or any other language, you need to use the language a lot. In other words, the more you communicate in English the better your fluency will be. Contemplate that in mind more than 60% of your class time will be used in various speaking activities and each time you speak in the class, your trainer pays attention to you carefully and shares feedback with you at the end. Apart from that we discuss grammar and its uses along with vocabulary everyday. 

Moreover listening and reading activities are an integral part of your spoken English classes at Languageguru. You trainer also pays close attention to your pronunciation and helps you acculturate your basic English sounds and improve your pronunciation. This way we try to help you improve all aspects of communication including grammar, fluency, accuracy & confidence building. Your improvement is assessed regularly through written tests.

As the training is delivered in small batches (maximum 15 trainees in a batch), you get a lot of individual attention and feedback from your trainer and it accelerates your improvement. You make visible progress day after day and improve your spoken English & communication skills significantly within assigned time frame, however, in case the improvement goals are not met within this time, Languageguru has its need-based Free course extension policy. Which means we extend your course further for up to 40 hours without charging you anything extra. To be eligible for Free course extension you need to maintain minimum 80% attendance.

We have batches from 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening. All these batches start on the same date so changing your class time in the mid of the course is quiet easy. All you need to do is talk to your trainer and they will get it done. Subject to availability of seats & course .

Yes, you can pay your fee in 2 installments. Let us remind you that the fee it at Languageguru is quiet affordable as our missions is to make quality learning affordable for everyone. 

You can pay your fee using cash, debit card, credit card, PayTM or cheque.

Being a training institute focused at Englsh language learning, people across different proficiency levels in English come to us to improve further hence there are multiple levels.
Level 1 is Basic English. This level is for complete beginner or people with limited exposure to English and those who find it difficult to speak in English.
Level 2 is Intermediate English. This level is for those who can read, write and understand quiet well and can communicate also but lack fluency in English speaking.
Level 3 is Advanced English. Advanced English course is for those who are almost fluent in English however want to develop impressive English speaking and communication skills.

At Languageguru we have a communication-based learning approach. That means you speak a lot in your class everyday. You get to speak in activities such as one-to-one conversation, speech, extempore, story telling, chain speaking, group discussion, peer discussion, debate, experience sharing, presentation, role-plays to name a few. With the help of your trainer you communicate in various situations that enables you to develop your thoughts in English which eventually makes you fluent in English.

To know more about the courses in details feel free to get in touch. Contact Us

Some Success Stories

"After completing CA, I was looking for a company which can provide me the opportunity to sharpen my English knowledge. My search stopped at Language Guru and I am glad I was part of it. It has been the best decision of my life."
neha karmakar
"I would like to thank Language Guru for coming up with such a unique English course. Even being a simple homemaker, this course helped me explorer a whole new world. The teacher helped me groom my skills. I feel lucky to be part of such a company !"
kusum dash
"I was always afraid of speaking English in office, before joining Language Guru. But, I have improved a lot now. I don't hesitate now while speaking with my colleagues. Thanks to Language Guru for bringing this confidence in me."
bibhuti nanda senapati
"All the teacher at Language Guru were AMAZING, it’s because of this place that I have got my area job. I really believe that it was a privilege to join Language Guru and I am so glad that I made this decision."
hitesh kumar